The good old Thai Food

If your taste buds are already in love with Thai food, it’s time to fall in love with it from head to toe! Simply because this incredibly good cuisine brings so much health benefits in every bowl. The credit for which goes to the wonderful herbs and freshest vegetables used in it. Moreover, Thai food is prepared in a much hygienic and healthy manner; lesser deep frying and more of sautéing ensures that you enjoy both the taste as well as health value.

The good old Thai Food

Here are a few health benefits of Thai Food:

Enhances Immunity

Imagine how nutritious your food will be when ingredients like turmeric, coriander, galangal, basil and so many types of dried herbs are used in liberal amount! Yes, this is indeed a delicious way of fighting diseases, inflammation and increasing immunity. Again the lemongrass which is used in almost all Thai soups, is considered a wonderful tonic for fighting off flus and colds.

Food for Fitness Conscious

Thai foods are prepared in good fats and using lean meats helping you maintain your ideal weight. Like the fatty acids in coconut will lower the bad cholesterol in your body and promote good cholesterol. So now you can relish your Thai palate without worrying about the wait gain problem.

Stay Young

Thai ingredients save your body from the damages done by toxins and free radicals. Lots of fresh and vegetables which aren’t used so liberally in other types of cuisines like broccoli, sprouts, parsley, coriander etc. are important part of Thai cooking. All these vegetables bring anti-aging benefits and contribute to the the skin-enhancing fatty acids needed by our body.

Healthy Heart

You often hear and read Coconut milk, chili pepper and fish oil as a common ingredient in most of the Thai foods. What you didn’t know is that all these ingredients are very good for your heart. Similarly, Turmeric used in Thai cuisine is very good for blood circulation.

If these reasons are not enough, let’s give you one more reason to plan a Thai dinner. Thai cuisine contributes to a sound sleep. And this very fact has been supported by researchers who have concluded that the chili pepper relaxes the mind leading to a sound and nourishing sleep.

So next time if you feel like eating out for health, opt only Thai cuisine because along with a plethora of health benefits, great taste is complementary.

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